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Effective financial planning requires strong and close relationship with clients. The most intimate of information is vital, from the assets owned and debts owed through to personal and medical situations.

It is a significant obligation, both morally and legally.

That is why Risk Box Cyber have partnered up with NextGen Planners to provide a solution to insure the cyber and data exposures of members.

Traditionally protecting your business from these cyber threats has been difficult. The commercial insurance market is nervous with financial advisory business and struggles to understand emerging risks, so a perfect storm from the start.

The consequences of this are usually inadequate cover, punitive terms and high premiums.

We’re here to help you prepare your firm for every eventuality, so you don’t have to worry about the worst case scenario.

So if you’re looking for cyber and data risk insurance, you may be wondering where to start. What cover do you need? Can you afford it? Who can you turn to for help?

That’s where we step in…

RiskBox Cyber is an independent team of insurance specialists, dedicated to protecting businesses. We understand digital inside out, and offer comprehensive, easy-to-grasp cyber insurance plans that make safeguarding your business simple and stress-free.

Although we can’t eliminate the risk of cyber attacks, we can promise to reduce the financial impact, should anything bad happen. Our insurance plans cover the cost of a digital fallout, so you can minimise the damage and get back to normality.


What is Cyber and Data Insurance?

Here’s a quick rundown of what our insurance plans cover:

• Data Breach Costs: From launching an investigation to providing credit monitoring and call centre support for those affected, we will ensure that the costs of a data breach don’t spiral out of control.

• Cyber Business Interruption: A digital attack can bring your business to a halt, which is why you need cover to ensure any lost revenue or working resources won’t undermine your business.

• Hacker Damage: When it comes to getting back on your feet after a cyberattack, our cover will give you the funds needed to repair, replace or reinstate your software and hardware.

• Media Liability: Don’t fall foul to accusations of slander, libel, copyright infringement or negligence. We will ensure legal costs are covered in the event of a claim against you or your business.

• Cyber Extortion: Essentially, it’s blackmail – a threat that seeks to gain something by holding your data captive, at risk of releasing it to the world. Our insurance plan can help you get out of hot water in the event of extortion.

• Privacy Protection: You could lose control of consumer data, client records or other sensitive information. When any of these (and other) contractual duties are broken, we’ll satisfy legal costs, along with damages you may be liable for.

• Cyber Crime: The financial impact of a breach doesn’t always stop at costs to tackle the incident. Often cyber crime is involved, leaving businesses with significant financial loss. As cyber risk specialists, Risk Box have access to enhanced policies which provide this invaluable cover.

Cyber insurance may sound complex, but we’re here to make things simple. Browse our protection pages to learn more about what each type of cover entails, or arrange a chat with our independent insurance specialists for friendly, jargon-free advice.


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