Privacy Protection

Where matters of privacy are concerned, a swift resolution is paramount, no matter the costs involved. When the dust settles following a cyberattack, you might find yourself facing another threat: a claim that data has been mishandled, either by you personally or the organisation at large.

These disputes can take various forms – a privacy infringement, a breach in a contract, or the flouting of confidentiality agreements. In any case, the fees involved in resolving a claim can put significant pressure on your finances.

As such, it’s a smart move to explore privacy protection insurance long before an issue ever arises. With independent insurance experts by your side, this doesn’t need to be complicated. We’re here to make finding the right cover simple.


How important is privacy protection cover?

When accused of wrongdoing, it’s only right to defend yourself with the very best legal support. The consequences of a data breach can be crippling for a business, which means it pays to prepare for the worst, even if it may never happen.

Our privacy protection cover can help you do just that. By investing in cyber insurance, you can safeguard your legal liability in cases of privacy infringement, consumer data protection, information security or confidentiality, and contractual duties.

So in the event that a claim does come against you, we’ll pay both the defence costs and any allowable damages that may arise.


Think ahead for any eventuality

Breaches of privacy, and how you handle them, can make or break a business. Don’t take that risk – explore specialist insurance as part of your cyber security plan, to have peace of mind that your legal liability is protected.

Curious how far privacy protection cover can go? Book a discovery call today, and speak to our specialist insurance experts.