Media Liability

Online communications are something of a legal rabbit hole – it’s easy to fall into a trap when sending and receiving emails, posting on your website, or using an intranet platform.

From intellectual property issues, to virus transmission, to claims of defamation, libel and slander, there are so many things to consider when managing your media. People go to great lengths to seek compensation, which makes it wise to protect your liability from the day dot.

Our independent insurance specialists can soothe these concerns, and help you prepare well in advance of any media accusations rearing their head.


Do I need to invest in media liability cover?

Media liability is a many-headed beast, and can relate to your own actions on the web, or those of a hacker who may have interfered with your emails, intranet or website. In many cases, people are unaware of where a line has been crossed, leaving them unprepared for any potential action.

When it comes to standing your ground, it’s essential to hire legal support. Our plans will not only cover defence costs arising from intellectual property infringement, negligent virus transmission, defamation, libel or slander – it could even extend to damages awarded against you.

By exploring RiskBox Cyber, you’ll be taking a smart preliminary measure against issues that you may be liable for.


A thorough back-up plan

Let us safeguard your finances in the event of a media liability case. Our easy-to-grasp insurance plan is designed to protect you from almost every scenario, with comprehensive cover that will go a long way towards fixing the problem.

Book a discovery call to learn how we’ll make your media protection coverage a simple step in the right direction.