Cyber Extortion

Hacking is evolving with the times, taking ever subtler routes to crack into your databank. Despite security protocols, there’s always a chance that you or your employees may (inadvertently) open the door to a criminal.

Cyber extortion can wreak havoc on your organisation, putting your most sensitive information in the hands of those who wish to manipulate it for their own gains. By getting the right sort of cover, you can stay a step ahead of hackers.

As experts in cyber security insurance, our plans cover all possible scenarios, so that you won’t get caught out in the event of extortion. With specialist insurance from us, you’ll have the safety net you need to keep your business secure.


Do I really require cyber extortion cover?

If someone is threatening to destroy, release or manipulate your digital resources, the damage is twofold – not just the financial cost of extortion, but the potential impact it can have on the integrity of your business.

Even the most watertight systems can fall foul of a hacking attempt. Should your business become a victim of cybercrime, our plan will give you the funds you need to cover consultancy service costs, so you can negotiate with the extorter.

And, if the worst does happen, insurance will ensure that any ransom payments don’t come out of your own pocket.


We’ve got your back

When disaster strikes, make sure you’re not left to deal with it alone. RiskBox Cyber is designed to give you confidence that, whatever happens, your business will get back on its feet as quickly as possible.

Find out more about our cyber extortion cover by contacting our friendly insurance team today. Book your discovery call for a non-obligatory chat about what to do next.