Cyber Crime

How would your business cope if an employee was duped into paying a fictitious invoice?

Would it be easy to compensate clients if someone hacked your systems and stole their funds?

What impact would there be if a rogue worker committed fraud against you, transferring company funds and then disappeared?

The financial impact of a breach doesn’t always stop at costs to tackle the incident. Often cyber crime is involved, leaving businesses with significant financial loss

It may surprise you to hear, but almost all cyber and data Insurance policies will not compensate you for funds stolen or fraudulently transferred

As cyber risk specialists, Risk Box have access to enhanced policies which provide this invaluable cover


Do I need cyber crime cover? 

All businesses are at risk from cyber crime; if you have company funds you have an exposure.

Your vulnerability to social engineering crime increases if you pay large invoices to multiple suppliers

The exposure of your business to funds transfer fraud is higher if you hold client money for any length of time, even if its just to pay hosting costs to third party providers

Map out the funds you hold and are responsible for and then calculate the impact that would have on your bottom line. If it is significant then you should consider cyber crime insurance


How does Cyber Crime insurance safeguard my business? 

Protection is comprehensive, keeping your business alive after direct hacks or social engineering scams, including the following:

– Fraudulent transfer of funds

– Theft of money held in escrow

– Personal funds theft

– Corporate identity theft

– Telephone hacking

– Phishing fund loss


We’ve got your back

Risk Box is passionate about protecting you from these risks, which is why we’ve scoured the cyber insurance market to bring you the absolute best solutions available in the UK market

By taking our recommended covers you will have the confidence that when the worst happens your business will survive

Find out more about our cyber crime cover by contacting our friendly insurance team today. Book your discovery call for a non-obligatory chat about what to do next.